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Buying With Amy Aurelio

Buying With Amy Aurelio

Buying With Amy

This is a beautiful and fascinating area that has been my home for years. During my time here, I’ve come to love the area and the people and enjoy helping residents like you get the high-quality buying experience they need. I will work with you to find the property your family loves and which works for your needs as a family, giving you the best insight into this booming real estate market. And I’ll help you learn more about the area to make it easier for you to settle down.

Why Working Together Just…Works

I research each property in the area thoroughly to get a firm idea of what each has to offer you. Do you want a specific type of home, such as a single-level home with 3-4 bedrooms? I’ll do what I can to help you find one. Have you done your research but don’t have time to do a walk-through of the house? I’ll send you a video and pictures of the property.

My goal is to make you happy with your purchase by providing honesty, transparency, and a diverse range of homes with the high-quality amenities you need to be happy.

Building Relationships Achieves Results

Over the years, I’ve created long-term relationships with multiple people throughout the local real estate market. As a result, I not only know numerous agents in the area, but also work well with many property owners. As a result, I can serve as the bridge between you and them and strive to make everyone happy.

And I’ll use these connections to give you the first look at a new property that fits your needs. Remember: I am not satisfied until you have found your ultimate dream home with me.

I’ll Negotiate Your Deal For You

Are you worried about negotiating and aren’t sure that you can handle its unique demands? Then, let me do it for you! My negotiation skills have helped me settle many real estate disputes over the years, and I know when and where to push in just the right places. I’ll continually fight for a better price for you, making sure that you don’t get pushed to accept high home costs. And I’ll continually challenge the seller to justify their price increases, forcing them to explain themselves to you.

Accurate Advice That Works for You

Before making an offer, I’ll inspect each home for you and give you my honest opinion on its value. I’ll let you know if it lacks amenities, isn’t in the best school zone, struggles in winter weather, or has any other flaws that may not be immediately obvious to the average buyer. In this way, you can feel confident with your home purchase.

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