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Hilton Head Island Pet Friendly Picks

8 Pet Friendly Hilton Head Communities, Condos, and Villas for You & Your Doggo

I think we can all agree that a day on the beach with man’s best friend is the best! 

Hilton Head Island can offer you and your fur baby a perfect day in the sun… you just have to know where to go!

Luckily for you and Fido, we have compiled our top 8 picks of the best pet friendly communities, villas, and condos in Hilton Head for you to include in your next vacation or home search. 

Cooper Croye and Rylee Croye

#1 Folly Field

  • Island Club Villas (Owners)
  • Sea Cloister Villas (Owners)
  • Stones Throw Villas (Owners & Renters) 

#2 Forest Beach 

  • Continental Club Villas (Owners & Renters)
  • Dunes Villas (Owners – 2 Dog Maximum)
  • Forest Beach Villas (Owners)
  • Forest Gardens Villas (Owners)
  • Hilton Head Beach Club Villas (Owners)
  • Hilton Head Beach Villas (Owners)
  • Island House Villas (Owners – 1 Dog Maximum )
  • North Shore Place Villas (Owners)
  • Ocean Breeze Villas (Owners & Renters) 
  • Ocean Club Villas (Owners & Renters)
  • Ocean Dunes Villas (Owners)
  • Seascape Villas (Owners)
  • Surf Court Villas (Owners)
  • The Sea Crest Villas (Owners)
  • The Seabrook (Owners – 2 Dog Maximum)
  • Treetops Villas (Owners)
  • Xanadu Villas  (Owners)

#3 Hilton Head Plantation

  • Mariners Point Villas (Owners)
  • Village of Skull Creek North (Owners)

#4 Indigo Run

  • Berwick Green Villas (Owners)
  • The Preserve at Indigo Run (Owners & Renters)

#5 Palmetto Dunes/Shelter Cove

  • Abington Villas (Owners)
  • Anchorage Villas (Owners)
  • Barrington Arms Villas (Owners)
  • Beach Villas (Owners)
  • Captains Quarters Villas (Owners)
  • Centercourt Villas (Owners)
  • Fazio Villas (Owners)
  • Hampton Place Villas (Owners)
  • Harbourside I Villas (Owners)
  • Harbourside II Villas (Owners)
  • Hickory Cove Villas (Owners)
  • Huntington Villas (Owners)
  • Inverness Village Villas (Owners)
  • Main Sail Villas (Owners)
  • Newport Villas (Owners)
  • Ocean Coyote Villas (Owners)
  • Queens Grant Villas (Owners)
  • Somerset Villas (Owners)
  • South Shore Commons (Owners)
  • St. Andrews Common Villas (Owners & Renters)
  • The Moorings Villas (Owners)
  • Tradewinds (Owners – Dog Weight Restrictions)
  • Turnberry Village Villas (Owners)
  • Villamare Villas (Owners)
  • Windsor Court South Villas (Owners)
  • Windsor’s Place I Villas (Owners)
  • Yacht Club Villas (Owners)

# 6 Port Royal

  • Crown Reef Villa (Owners)
  • Port Royal Tennis Development (Owners

# 7 Sea Pines

  • Beachside Tennis Villas (Owners)
  • Bluff Villas (Owners)
  • Briarwood (Owners)
  • Clipper Court (Owners)
  • Cutter Court Villas (Owners)
  • Fairway Oaks Villas (Owners)
  • Greenwood Garden Villas (Owners)
  • Harbourwood (Owners)
  • Heritage Villas (Owners)
  • Ketch Court Villas (Owners)
  • Lake Forest Villas (Owners)
  • Lawton Villas (Owners)
  • Lighthouse Tennis Villas (Owners & Renters)
  • Night Heron (Owners)
  • Plantation Club Villas (Owners)
  • Port Villas (Owners)
  • Schooner Court Villas (Owners & Renters)
  • Sea Loft (Owners)
  • South Beach Club Villas (Owners)
  • Stoney Creek Villas (Owners)
  • Turtle Lane Club Villas (Owners)
  • Wildwood Spa (Owners)

#8 Shipyard

  • Beachwalk Villas (Owners – 1 Dog Maximum)
  • Evian Villas (Owners)
  • Golfmaster I Villas (Owners & Renters)
  • Golfmaster II Villas (Owners & Renters)
  • Harbour Master Villas (Owners)
  • Sailmaster Villas (Owners & Renters)
  • Shipmaster Villas (Owners   & Renters)
  • Tennismaster Villas (Owners & Renters)
  • Townhouse Tennis III (Owners)
  • Waterford Villas (Owners)
  • Windward Village Villas (Owners – 2 Dog Maximum)

You can find out more information about pet friendly communities/condos/villas on Hilton Head Island by visiting our Pet & Villas Resource Center.

If you have any questions or need assistance in finding the perfect HHI home for you and your pet, feel free to reach out to one of our Hilton Head real estate experts.

Mike Franco

(904) 651-1800

Amy Aurelio

(843) 505-1500

Scott Croye

(954) 707-9828

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